Our Services

When You Join The Atlantis IT network...

You become part of the dream team! Your business turns into a full-service IT and computer solutions company. The best part is, your clients stay your clients. You decide what tasks you need help with. You call the shots.  

Managed Services

We partner with you to help take care of your client's managed service needs. Backups, antivirus, networking, mobile device management, cybersecurity... we help you cover all of it! 

Office 365 Solutions & Services

As an Atlantis community member, you can streamline the way you offer 365 to your clients! Higher margins for you, and more enhanced support for your customers. It's a win-win!

Tech & Admin Services

Our technicians can assist with the deployment of your client's new software, system upgrades, and updates, allowing you to expand your team without having to hire permanent staff. Our admin team can offer you bookkeeping, billing, and scheduling services.

What Your Clients Get

You get to choose what type of support you want to offer to your existing clients. We become an "outsourced" part of your team and help you grow your business!

  • 24/7 Support

    With after-hours support techs at your fingertips, you can make sure your clients have access round-the-clock, without interruptions to your personal life.

  • Monitored Antivirus

    We protect your clients' networks in real-time to defend against viruses or other threats, and preventing costly downtime or system destruction. 

  • Cybersecurity

    Offer your clients multi-layered security to protect them against threats. Use our enterprise discounts to offer comprehensive security software available at competitive prices. 

  • Networking

    We source and install the best mesh networking systems for your clients, letting you offer them faster speeds, more reliable coverage, and support their growing business.

  • Monitored Backups

    Your clients will become part of our robust cloud-based backups, to protect their data and assets in real time. Alerts let us know instantly if a problem needs addressing.

  • Mobile Device Management

    We help keep your clients mobile devices, tablets and field hardware connected and running smoothly. This is especially helpful when your clients are first responders or field technicians.


Choose the level of support you would like to receive, to enhance the way you work!


A designated administrative team member will handle your billing, invoicing, and bank deposits!

Administrative Assistants

Let our admin team coordinate your scheduling, so you don't have to spend your after hours playing catch up.

Efficiencies Of Scale

Leverage our discounts, and be able to offer your clients competitive rates on products and services. 

Professional Services Automation

Our team uses the Autotask ticketing system, a powerful and intuitive cloud-based platform that centralizes business operations, and allows you to manage your tasks, run your business, and assign items to our team. 

A single, intuitive solution designed for every role - from technicians to sales, to executive management - we love how Autotask gives us increased insight, productivity, service levels, and profitability. Otherwise quite costly to purchase on your own, it is included for all members of the Atlantis IT network.


When you join the Atlantis IT community, there are options for shared profits and company-backed IRA retirement savings. Ask us for details!